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Would you like to join an astrology community where you will learn more about yourself, and have crazy fun doing it!

Introducing Fun With Astrology

A membership community for you to learn and grow while having fun!

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Astrology Journey

As a member you will ...

💖 Learn astrology and how to apply it to your everyday life - Discover the 'Astro Advantage™' 

💖 Finally understand more about yourself and your purpose

💖 Begin to make sense of what a transit is and how it impacts your chart

💖 Participate in monthly events with other astrology funatics

💖 Get insight from a professional astrologer.  Yes! You will have access to ask me questions during our Monthly Astro Planning workshops, during the Live Q&A's and inside the membership community.

If that sounds fun 😃 then come join us in Fun With Astrology Inner Circle.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi! I'm Debbie the Founder of Fun With Astrology and the author of the Astro Navigator Astrology Card Deck.  My aim is to demystify astrology and make it accessible and practical for everyone seeking self-discovery and transformation. 

Let me introduce myself

Every professional astrologer started out as a newbie just like you.  We all went through the struggle of learning and memorizing all the signs, planets houses and the multitude of interpretations.

Between conflicting information out there in Googleland and lack of affordable access to professional astrologers, it can make learning astrology feel hard and difficult.  Many newbies find themselves giving up or pushing it off for another day. 

I was fortunate.  Learning astrology came easy to me.  Not because I am smarter.  Because I have a knack for taking complicated information and breaking into simple digestible bites.

I believe that astrology can be made easy and fun while providing valuable insight which is why I've created this membership.

Fun With Astrology Community

Your New Astro Playground

Learn, grow, and have astronomical amounts of fun while learning astrology. 😃🙃😍

Inside the Fun With Astrology Membership

Here is a peek at what a month inside the Community looks like ...

🌞 Monthly Astro Planning

At the beginning of each month join astrologer, Debbie Levine, on Zoom and map out your personal month to be in flow with the planets.  Is it the month to focus on your career, health, relationships, family? (Get immediate access to the November workshop when you join)  Say good-bye to uncertainty and hello to confidence.  This will help you work smarter, not harder in your personal life, career and relationships.  (Value $47)

🌛 New & Full Moon Circles:  

Gather in a safe place every month as we manifest with the new moon and release with the full moon.  (Value $54)

📝 Lunch & Learn

Grab your chart, a pen and paper as we dive into new astrology topics throughout the year.  (Value $47)

💻 Quarterly Live Q&A's

Come join us live on Zoom and get answers to your astrology and chart related questions.  Can't catch us live ... submit your questions in advance and then catch the replay.  No more feeling confused or googling for hours looking for answers.  (Value $27)

😇 Other Spiritual Events:  

It's fun to mix it up.  Special guests will drop in sharing Tarot, Mediumship, Crystals and so much more. (Value $27)

📚 Resource Library:

Perfect for those who are self-learners.  Browse through a group library of special workshops, mini-courses and guides inside so you are always learning.  (Value $200 and growing)

😍 Community:  

Socialize inside a private Facebook™ group to mix, mingle and connect with other members. (Priceless)

Over $1800 of annual value for $29 per month!

Become a Member today for $29/mo or $290/year

Member Love


Woo Hoo! A Bonus For You! 

💖 Start Reading Your Chart Today

Get immediate access to the 5-Day Journey Into Astrology Challenge so you can jump in and start learning. ($97 value) 

Inside this workshop we start from the very beginning.  Create your chart and learn all about the planets, signs and houses in astrology. This workshop is a student favorite and a great refresher for even those more advanced students.

This is my gift 🎁 to you for joining the Inner Circle.  You will have lifetime access to enjoy it.

Bonus Workshop

The Finer Details 🔎 

Here are a couple of more things you may want to know ...

💻 All events will be held on Zoom and recorded.  So no worries if you can't catch them live, as long as you are a member you will have access to them inside this membership portal.

🤩 All levels welcome.  We want you to grow inside the community!  So whether you are a newbie, beginner who has been self-taught, or a more advanced student  - our monthly workshops and events are designed to be enjoyed by all levels.  

No commitments.  We hope you will stay with us for a very long time, but if you are not enjoying the community you are free to cancel anytime.  Annual memberships will be pro-rated.

If you are ready to have fun learning astrology while embracing the guidance from the cosmos then come join us.  Click to get started 👇

10 Modules


Hi! Welcome to the Fun With Astrology Membership! 

Learning Library

Inside this module you can access all of the courses, trainings and workshops

Zodiac Series

Inside this module you will find our Zodiac Series.  Each lesson contains a PDF and short video.  A new zodiac sign will be released each month.  Enjoy!

Tools and Templates

Inside this module you will find tools and templates to help you on your astrology journey. 

Please continue to check back to see new items loaded.

Modules for this product 10
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