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Hello!  Thank you for your purchase.  In order to prepare for your reading we will need some information.  Please complete the questions in the following section and schedule at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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Natal Chart Reading

This is a 1 hour reading focused on your natal chart.  Your chart is unique to you!  Before the session I will prepare and analyze your chart.  We will then meet live via Zoom.  During the session I will share the interpretation of your chart helping you understand your life lessons, your gifts and your natal promise.  Then we will see how the current transits are impacting your life today.  If you have any specific questions please share prior to your session and I will be glad to cover with you. 

This is a very exciting process that helps bring awareness to past and current situations, allowing you to begin the process of acceptance and then start to taking action.  It is time for you to start navigating life your way, in your personal style, on your personal path!

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