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Venus Retrograde Reflection Journal and Guidebook

Get Started On Your Venus Journey Today

Don't let Venus Retrograde scare you or make you anxious.  Instead lean into it and take your power back by getting clear on all the things Venus Rules - Love, Money, Beauty and your Relationships!

Every 18 months Venus embarks on a 40 day journey backwards, offering us a time for reflection and and opportunity to do all those 're' words - revisit, review, renew ....  And every 8 years this happens in the sign of Leo.  Do you remember what was happening back in the summer of 2015? or 2007?  Similar themes may come up again but this time you will be ready!

Inside this 32 page guide you will:

💖 Learn about Venus and her retrograde cycle, the do's and don'ts

💖 Discover what area of your life she wants you to reassess

💖 Dive deep into all the things Venus rules and apply it to your personal life with targeted journal prompts to guide you

💖 Bonus:  5 pages of the top questions my students ask related to Venus Retrograde, like what if my Venus is in Leo or my Sun is in Leo?

And don't worry - no prior astrology experience is required, just an open mind and heart 💖

Venus Rx Guidebook

*Please note, due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds/exchanges.  All sales are final.

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