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The Astrological Guide to Branding

Picture this: Business and Astrology uniting in perfect harmony, like the divine blend of peanut butter and chocolate. Discover an innovative, Astro-inspired approach to identifying your ideal clients, expanding your audience, and supercharging your sales!

You had me at chocolate ... Give me the guide

Here's a sneak peek into the transformational value the guide holds for you:

  • Uncover a hidden secret for crafting compelling copy - a strategy that even top copy writers are yet to discover

  • How to save precious time by understanding your business' dominant astrological archetype

  • Unlock effective methods to truly understand your clients' needs, enabling deeper, more genuine connections. Remember, everyone wants to feel seen and heard!

  • Discover magnetic language and magic words to include in your emails and sales pages so your perfect client knows you are talking to them and become instant buyers

  • Take action with specific hands-on exercises to help you choose the perfect colors, language, and messaging for your posts, emails, and sales pages

Plus, this is more than just a guide ...  There is a workshop to go along with it!    

Experience the power of Astro Branding live. Don't just read about it—see it in action!

🧭 Get a Deeper Understanding: The workshop walks you through the guide, providing additional insights and examples. This ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the astrological elements to your business strategy.

🔥 See the Practical Application: The 'hot seat' sessions within the workshop demonstrate the practical implementation of the guide's teachings in real-life scenarios. This helps you visualize how to apply these concepts to your own business.

📝 Watch the Tailored Approach in Action: During the workshop, you'll see how different businesses can choose different elements to lead their branding strategy. This illustrates the flexibility and adaptability of the guide's concepts, helping you tailor the approach to your unique business needs.

💡: Learning isn't just about reading; it's about engagement and interaction. You'll witness lively discussions and brainstorming sessions, making your learning journey dynamic and exciting. Experience the power of Astro Branding live. Don't just read about it—see it in action!"

Don't just take my word for it! Here's what some participants had to say about the transformational Astro Branding workshop ...

"I think this workshop is by far my favorite. Maybe it's because I'm a business owner and entrepreneur, but I'm like wow this is great!"

"Debbie's Astro Branding Workshop was a game-changer for my business. Applying the elements to my brand gave me a whole new perspective and helped me connect with my audience in a more meaningful way."

I really want to ensure you get started on the right foot 😍, I hate when digital guides get lost inside PC Folders 📂 and start collecting dust. 

No prior knowledge of astrology is needed - just bring your readiness to take action 😍 Are you in?

I'm all in! I want the guide now!

*Please note, due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds/exchanges.  All sales are final.

Meet Debbie

Debbie is the founder of Fun With Astrology and the creator of the Astro Navigator System™, a system she uses in all of her programs and workshops to make astrology fun and easy to learn. As a former Fortune 500 Transformation Consultant and a Life-Long Process Fanatic, Debbie combines her extensive business knowledge with her astrology expertise to help her clients unlock their full potential. Today, thousands of students, including entrepreneurs, have had the opportunity to learn astrology through Debbie's structured programs. They can now navigate life confidently with a greater awareness of themselves and their purpose. Debbie is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using the wisdom of astrology and the insights found within their birth charts, making her programs and guides an essential part of every entrepreneur's journey.

Debbie Levine

4 Modules

Welcome - Start Here

Welcome to the Branding the Astro Way.  This short video will help you get started.

After you watch it download your workbook and begin mapping out your astro branding plan.  

Next, watch the Astro Branding Workshop and get started applying astrology to your business.

Enjoy xoxo

Astro Branding Workshop

This 90-minute workshop will walk you through the guide, so you can take action and begin implementing  the information into your brand so you can watch your business grow!

Modules for this product 4
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