2023 Planning With The Planets Workshop Series

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Is this your year for love, money a new job 😍 Don't wait to read your horoscope, or leave your future up for chance!  Prepare now so you are ready to take action all year long!

During this hands-on workshop you will map out the year on your personal chart.  Learn what your major themes will be, discover which months are your personal best!

The steps I am going to take you through during these workshops are the exact ones I do for myself every year.  And the same ones I do for my clients who get annual readings with me.  

By the end of this workshop you will know ...

  • Your major themes for 2023 so you can focus on your personal development plan

  • Which 3 months of the year are your personal best, don't miss this fabulous energy

  • Where every New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse will be so you can set your magical intentions

  • Where to find luck and abundance in 2023 so you will be prepared when opportunities present themselves

  • Where you will be asked to step up, so you can feel motivated instead of challenged or restricted

  • When Mercury Retrogrades will occur so you can be prepared instead of blindsided

This workshop can be enjoyed by ALL levels, from beginners to advanced students of astrology.

Enroll Now And Join Us Live for the September Cosmic Update 

Here is what is included:

  • Two 90-Minute Workshops where you will be mapping out your personal major themes and best months of the year! 

  • Full Color Workbook loaded with worksheets and reference guides to help you map out your personal year.  Plus room for you to take your personal notes! Over 50+ Pages!

  • Lifetime Access to the workshop and materials.  I will be sharing so much information you will want to watch it again. Don't worry, you will have lifetime access to the workshop recording and all materials

  • BONUS!! Three additional workshops to keep you focused all year long.  I know how easy it is to get off track, that is why I am inviting you to a special members only workshop at the beginning of each season.  The first one will be in March (Spring Equinox), the second in June (Summer Solstice) and the third in September (Fall Equinox).
    • The Spring and Summer Cosmic Update workshops are available immediately upon purchase.
    • The Fall Cosmic Update workshop is happening in September 2023 (replay will be available)

And don't worry ... if you have a question or get confused just reach out to me.  I love answering your questions 😍

7 Modules


Welcome to the 2023 Planning With The Planets workshop.

* Please note the original live workshop was held on December 27 and 28, 2022.

Annual 2023 Workbook

This module contains the program workbook to accompany the workshops and instructions to create your birth chart if you do not already have a copy.

Annual 2023 Workshops - Dec 27-28, 2022

Inside this module you will find the replays for the live workshops held on December 27 and 28, 2022.

The videos for the Seasonal Updates will also be loaded here after each session.  
Seasonal Update sessions will be held March, June and September 2023.  Check back for dates and Zoom information.

Spring Cosmic Update - March 15

Your 2023 Spring Cosmic Update was Live on Wednesday, March 15 at 12pm EST, you can now watch the replay at your leisure.

Stay tuned for details on the Summer Cosmic Update coming in June.

Summer Cosmic Update - June 21

Inside this module you will find the Summer Cosmic Update Workbook and the replay of the live workshop.

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