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9 Modules

Challenge Workbook

Day 1 - Introduction to Astrology

Dive into Day 1 and learn what astrology is all about ... and what it is not!  Learn how to create your chart with and without a birth time.

Day 2: The Language of Astrology

Come learn the language of Astrology in Day 2.  These are the 4 key things you need to know.

Day 3: Meet the Zodiac Signs

Today we will meet each of the Zodiac Signs.

Day 4: Meet the Planets

Today we chatted about each one of the planets and their cycles.

Day 5: Planning with the Planets

Learn how to plan with the planets, starting with the Sun and Moon.

Bonus Session for VIP Only

This session was held for VIP members.  We looked at some guest charts and Debbie answered questions related to what we learned in the challenge and about the Journey Into You program and the Inner Circle membership.

Bonus Session for VIP and Homework Winners Only

This bonus session will be released after March 19.

2024 Born To Shine Astrology Challenge

You were born to shine and I am going to show you how inside this 5 day challenge.

Learn how to create your chart, what all the different symbols mean, meet the planets and the zodiac signs and then apply astrology to your personal life.

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