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Introduction to Eclipses and Astrology

Did you know that by understanding eclipses you can understand the major cycles in your life? 

These cycles may have to do with your relationships, your career, finances, where you live, your family ...

And by becoming aware of these cycles you will know exactly how to lean into them so you can create big positive transformative change in your life versus feeling helpless and defeated.

Inside this workshop .... We dive into the cosmic dance of eclipses and discover their transformative power in the realm of astrology.  I unveil the mysteries behind these celestial events and how they influence your personal journey.

Here is what you will learn ...

🌛 The 7 types of eclipses and how they can make you feel.

🌞 The astrological significance and timing of eclipses.

🌛 Eclipses in your natal chart (and there is a bonus section describing solar and lunar eclipses through each of the 12 astrological houses).

🌞 How to integrate eclipse insights with intention and consciousness, so you can become an active participant in your life's unfolding narrative, crafting chapters of purpose, understanding, and transformation.

🌛 Eclipses can be quite emotional, so you will be prepared with tips on how to navigate the eclipse.

Here is what you will get when you enroll ...

💻 60 minute workshop - Watch and learn what eclipses are astronomically and astrologically.  Learn how to locate eclipses in your chart and how to apply the information to your life. 

📕 Colored GuidebookThis has all the details you need to know about eclipses and is a companion to the workshop.  Use it as a reference guide and add in your personal notes.

🎁 Plus - download the table of all the eclipses from 1900-2099.  This spreadsheet includes the date, sign and degree of each eclipse so you don't have to waste time googling to find this information as you dive into your personal eclipse cycles.

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