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Let It Go Journal

Let go of everything that is holding you back so you can enter 2023 with less worry and more joy. 

This 46 page journal is broken into six sections offering you prompts to assist you on your journey of letting go:

Daily Pages:  In life there are things we can control and other things beyond our control, get clear so you can focus on the things that deserve your energy.

Prompt Me:  This section is designed to really get you thinking about life, yourself and how you feel with 20 different prompts to journal.

No Worries:  This section allows you to write your worries down, so you can free up valuable space in your head.  It also makes it easier to make sense of each individual worry. 

Brain Dump:  Your brain holds a lot of information. It is not actually meant to hold all of the thoughts, feelings, and stuff you have (or want) to do. Keeping everything in there will only serve to muddle you up. Plus, things are likely to get lost! Let's write it down.

Random Thoughts:  Do you ever have random thoughts, ideas and questions that float in and out of your head? We all do. Sometimes they will be unimportant. But you never know what nuggets of gold may be nestled within them. What if an amazing business idea has come to you, but you just let it float away? This section gives you tons of room to record all the random thoughts you have. Allowing you to clear your mind and, potentially, discover something new.

Vent Space:  Sometimes things happen and we just need a place to vent our anger and frustration. The final section of this journal is designed with exactly that in mind.  The purpose of the Vent Space section is for you to get everything out of your head into a place where there is absolutely no judgement.  You’ll find ideas for what you can fill the spaces with at the top of each page.

*Please note, due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds/exchanges.  All sales are final.

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