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2024 Birthday Extravaganza

It's My Biggest Sale Of The Year!

Woo Hoo! 🥳🎉Celebrate With Me & Take Advantage of These Amazing Deals

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April 1 - April 8

Introduction to Eclipses & Astrology

Guide and Video Workshop for $15 (Reg $27)

Introduction to Eclipses

Inside this workshop .... We dive into the cosmic dance of eclipses and discover their transformative power in the realm of astrology.  I unveil the mysteries behind these celestial events and how they influence your personal journey.

Here is what you will learn ...

🌛 The 7 types of eclipses and how they can make you feel.

🌞 The astrological significance and timing of eclipses.

🌛 Eclipses in your natal chart (and there is a bonus section describing solar and lunar eclipses through each of the 12 astrological houses).

🌞 How to integrate eclipse insights with intention and consciousness, so you can become an active participant in your life's unfolding narrative, crafting chapters of purpose, understanding, and transformation.

🌛 Eclipses can be quite emotional, so you will be prepared with tips on how to navigate the eclipse.

Grab it today for $15 or get it for FREE inside the Fun With Astrology Inner Circle membership (Now $22/mo with code Birthday)

Journey Into Astrology

Take the 5 Day Challenge and Start Reading Your Chart
(Reg $97 - 👉 Birthday Special $27!)

Journey into Astrology Challenge

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Inside this Astrological Journey, you will learn my simple and effective Astro Navigator System™, which will help you unlock the secrets of astrology and discover more about yourself.

✅ Gain deeper self-awareness

✅ Plan for your future with clarity

✅ Enhance your relationships with loved ones

✅ Achieve greater success in your career or business

Over 3000 participants have taken the challenge since 2020.
"I learned more in just 5 days, then I've learned trying to do it by myself for years through books ... Thanks!"

Fun With Astrology Inner Circle Membership

Learn, Grow & Save over 20% with coupon code 'Birthday'!
(Reg $29/mo 👉 Birthday Special $22!)

Fun With Astrology Membership

💖 Learn astrology and how to apply it to your everyday life - Discover the 'Astro Advantage™' 

💖 Finally understand more about yourself and your purpose

💖 Begin to make sense of what a transit is and how it impacts your chart - liike what does it mean when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus

💖 Participate in new and full moon monthly events with other astrology funatics

💖 Get insight from a professional astrologer.  Yes! You will have access to ask me questions during our Monthly Astro Planning workshops, during the Live Q&A's and inside the membership community.

If that sounds fun 😃 then come join us in Fun With Astrology Inner Circle.

Bonus:  Get the Journey Into Astrology Challenge for FREE ($97 value)

Planning With Annual Profections

Discover What Year You Are In
Guide and Video Workshop for $22 (Reg $37)


Annual Profections

Unlock the Secrets of Time with Our Annual Profections Workshop!

Dive deep into the ancient wisdom of astrology and discover how the cycles of the planets reveal the unfolding chapters of your life. This workshop offers a transformative journey through the Hellenistic technique of Annual Profections, guiding you to uncover the themes and opportunities of your upcoming year.

Navigate Your Way Astrology Course

Save $100! With Coupon Code 'Birthday'
(Reg $497 👉 Birthday Special $397!)
Payment Plans Available

Payment Plans Available

This Course rarely, if ever goes on sale ... Don't miss your chance to learn about yourself and start reading charts! (Save $100 + Payment Plans)

Navigate Your Way is a self-paced course that focuses on the practical side of astrology to help you take control of your life and move forward with confidence and clarity. 

While most astrology classes can feel overwhelming as they spend lots of time on technical jargon, this program is broken down into a step-by-step method that is geared towards self-transformation (not just information).

Inside you will learn what makes you tick, how other people see you, what truly is important to you and your purpose here in this lifetime.  Your challenges will finally make sense and you will have the confidence to make the necessary changes in your life without fear.

This course contains 9 modules and covers all of the planets, houses, signs, chiron, the north node and more.  Students start reading charts after the very first module.  If you would like to see all the details on this program you can find them on the main sales page (make sure to come back here for your discount)

Natal Chart Reading

Save $50! With Coupon Code 'Birthday'
(Reg $200 👉 Birthday Special $150!)
Payment Plans Available

This is a 1 hour reading focused on your natal chart.  Your chart is unique to you!  Before the session I will prepare and analyze your chart.  We will then meet live via Zoom.  During the session I will share the interpretation of your chart helping you understand your life lessons, your gifts and your natal promise.  Then we will see how the current transits are impacting your life today.  If you have any specific questions please share prior to your session and I will be glad to cover with you.

Buy today and schedule your reading so you are ready to go for 2024!

The Best Way To Study!!

FREE Shipping + Save 40% on your second deck.  No code needed.

This 56 card set is designed as flashcards making them the perfect way to study and learn!  Your set includes the 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses, 10 planets, 4 elements, 3 modes, 5 aspects, Chiron and a few more fun cards.  All the cards contain just the right amount of information for you to fully understand the energy.  You will be speaking the language of astrology and reading your chart in no time!

2024 Planning With the Planets Workshop

Save $50 on our #1 Workshop
(Reg $97 👉 Birthday Special $47!)
Payment Plans Available

Planning With the Planets Workshop


Is this your year for love, money a new job 😍 Don't wait to read your horoscope, or leave your future up for chance!  Prepare now so you are ready to take action for an amazing New Year!

This 3-hour interactive workshop will help you map out the year for your personal chart with a 50+ page workbook.  Discover what your major themes will be and so much more!  

The workshop will be broken into two live Zoom sessions. Both sessions will be recorded and replay available.

Start Your Day The Astro Way

Grab it for $5 with code 'Birthday'

Start Your Day The Astro Way

Are you an astrology enthusiast who would like to give your morning routine a boost?

I got you covered!   The 'Start Your Day The Astro Way' is your ultimate guide to creating a personalized morning routine that aligns with your unique zodiac sign.

With over 100 tips inspired by the elements and a recommended routine tailored to your sign, this guide empowers you to start each day feeling aligned, energized, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. 

Let It Go Journal

Release and Save 50% with code 'Birthday'

Let go of everything that is holding you back so you can enter 2024 with less worry and more joy. 

This 46 page journal is broken into multiple sections offering you prompts to assist you on your journey. 

Sections include:  Daily Pages, Prompt Me, No Worries, Brian Dump, and Vent Space.

Venus Retrograde Guide & Journal

Learn all about Venus's trip backwards and save 50%

Venus Retrograde Guide and Journal

Don't let Venus Retrograde scare you or make you anxious.  Instead lean into it and take your power back by getting clear on all the things Venus Rules - Love, Money, Beauty and your Relationships!

Inside this 32 page guide you will:

💖 Learn about Venus and her retrograde cycle, the do's and don'ts

💖 Discover what area of your life she wants you to reassess

💖 Dive deep into all the things Venus rules and apply it to your personal life with targeted journal prompts to guide you

💖 Bonus:  5 pages of the top questions my students ask related to Venus Retrograde

And don't worry - no prior astrology experience is required, just an open mind and heart 💖

The Astrological Guide to Branding

Create a brand you will L💖VE and Save 50%

Astro Branding Workshop

Picture this: Business and Astrology uniting in perfect harmony, like the divine blend of peanut butter and chocolate. Discover an innovative, Astro-inspired approach to identifying your ideal clients, expanding your audience, and supercharging your sales!

Here's a sneak peek into the transformational value this 50+ page guide holds for you:

  • Uncover a hidden secret for crafting compelling copy - a strategy that even top copy writers are yet to discover
  • How to save precious time by understanding your business' dominant astrological archetype
  • Unlock effective methods to truly understand your clients' needs, enabling deeper, more genuine connections. Remember, everyone wants to feel seen and heard!
  • Discover magnetic language and magic words to include in your emails and sales pages so your perfect client knows you are talking to them and become instant buyers
  • Take action with specific hands-on exercises to help you choose the perfect colors, language, and messaging for your posts, emails, and sales pages

Plus, this is more than just a guide ...  There is a workshop to go along with it!   

No prior astrology experience necessary. 

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